Translation work

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European Languages

Marsman-Traductions offers translation services between one European language and another, including from and into Dutch.

Our range comprises virtually all the European languages: alongside English, German, French and Spanish our services also includes Russian, Polish, Czech, Italian and Swedish. Other European languages are available on request.

Revising or correcting existing texts (that have already been translated) is just one of the many options.

Alle europese talen


Our translators are experienced and professional and their expertise covers a wide range of subjects.

Translations are carried out in tandem, and all work is translated or revised by native speakers before it is released to the client. This is a prerequisite for producing first-class work, allowing our clients to optimally present themselves at home and abroad.

We are also happy to accept urgent documents that need to be dealt with outside of normal business hours.

Text delivery

Texts can usually be received and delivered by e-mail.
If required, we can collect and deliver the work in person to make sure that there is no delay in the postal delivery.
As an extra option, the work can be supplied on diskette, CD or DVD.